[VIDEO] Lhasa Apso Diesel’s First Year With His Family–CLICK image to watch video

Lhasa Apso Diesel in his first year

The second time is a charm.  This Lhasa Apso’s first family didn’t quite work out for him.   At 9-weeks-old, Diesel found his happily ever after home.   His second family drove 3 1/2 hours (one way) to pick him up.  Totally worth that 7 hour round-trip drive on a Monday night.   From the video, we can tell what a well-loved dog Diesel is.  His parents took photos of all of Diesel’s first’s.   First doggie bed, first cat toy, first walk (he was actually carried in his parent’s arms), first photo shoot, first Valentine’s Day…

When to find a dog a different home

Full Spectrum light--10,000 lux HappyLight Liberty
Full Spectrum light–10,000 lux HappyLight Liberty

Even with a dog as cute as Diesel, and a Lhasa Apso at that, things may not work out for one reason or another.  Sometimes maybe the family has children who are too rough with a dog, or taking care of a puppy takes more time than the family anticipated, and they find out after the fact that the time commitment is actually beyond what they had planned for.  It’s actually better to find a different home for a dog in this situation sooner than later. Often you can get help from wherever you got the puppy.  They also want to see the dog in a home where everything is working out fine.  Sometimes families need to “return” a dog that they got for very practical reasons.  Some call it “re-home.”  I know of a family who had 2 older dogs, and they adopted a rescue puppy who has high energy, and who wants to play with the older dogs all the time.  One of the dogs was annoyed, even showed his teeth at the puppy.  The other dog is good-natured and accommodated the little one, but the puppy just wore him out.  The parents were heart-broken to return the puppy after many months, but he found a different family that was the perfect match.  They love his high energy, and their other dog is a perfect match for the new family member.  Enjoy watching Diesel’s first year.


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