[VIDEO] Mama Brussels Griffon Very Patient With Her Playful Daughter

video Brussels Griffon puppy

The mama Brussels Griffon in this video is being very patient with her playful daughter.  The puppy keeps pushing her tail against Mom’s face.  And Mom allows it.  Remember the dog in the movie “As Good As It Gets?”  That was a Brussels Griffon.

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They originally come from Brussels, Belgium, and is named after the city.  We don’t see many of them because each year only 1200 are registered in the U.S., as opposed to 60,000 Golden Retrievers registered in the U.S.  Michele Welton in Your Pure Bred Puppy writes that the Brussels Griffon is often described as full of self-importance.

Characteristics of a Brussels Griffon

This happy and spirited dog is a very good climber. You need to keep an eye on this Toy dog so she does not jump down from your arms or from the top of a couch.  That can break her neck.  Or if a large dog got a hold of her neck and shake her, that could be fatal.  This is the same reason why it’s not a good match for family with young children.  Accidentally rolling onto her when she is lying under your blanket is not good news for this dog.  The Brussels Griffon does not aim to please.  It just is not her life mission. She has her own mind. She is fine living with other family pets.  But if a strange dog were to “invade” her territory by her definition, she is going to put up quite a front.  And it’s just a front.  It’s bluff.  And when you train her to walk with a leash, it’s going to take patience on your part.  This is quite an acrobat.  If you like a small dog that does not shed much, is spunky, makes a good watch dog, and does not need a lot of outdoor exercise, and if you can live with the other factors described so far, there is a possibility that you could be a match.  To get even more details to see if the Brussels Griffon is the right dog for you, click here.

Article source:  Michele Welton in Your Pure Bred Puppy


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