[VIDEO] Saint Bernard Puppy Drinking From Dad’s Cup–CLICK image to watch video

video St. Bernard puppy drinking water

The beautiful Saint Bernard puppy in this video is drinking his owner’s water.  His name is R.J.  While his Dad is filling up the gas tank, RJ got thirsty, and helps himself to some water in his Dad’s cup.   It’s just water, not soda.

Have you ever noticed that dogs don’t care whose cup it is?  If it’s there, dips!  It is very smart of his Dad to leave some water in the car, even though it’s not hot outside, and this was very early in the morning.  This puppy is well cared for.  Saint Bernard’s are friendly and welcoming.  They are kind and careful with children, according to Dog Time.  They would step carefully when they are around children.

What are St. Bernards like?

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Because they are so big, it’s a good idea to start training them early, when their size is still manageable.  You don’t want them dragging you when they are excited to greet someone.  Use a happy and relaxed approach when training them.  It’s also a good idea to socialize the puppy with puppy class, so they know how to react to strangers and dogs.

Even though Saint Bernard’s only need moderate amount of exercise, make sure they stay fit because more weight on their body can stress their joints.  And this is not a breed that tolerates heat.  Avoid walking them in the heat of day.  And if they are outside, make sure they have access to shade and cool water.   Saint Bernard’s get along with other pets, especially if they’ve known each other since they are puppies.  If they are around smaller dogs and cats, do supervise because this large dog can accidentally step or lie on the little friends.   You can read more about Saint Bernard’s here.

Enjoy watching this Saint Bernard puppy help himself to Dad’s drink.

Article source:  Dog Time


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