[VIDEO] These Golden Retrievers Have A Sense Of Humor

video playful Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retrievers in this video have a sense of humor.   The first one pretends her toy dog is a puppy, and lifts it over her like a human would lift their baby in the air.  One puppy is curious about a pair of boots, and sticks her head inside one, then got scared when she can’t see anything.   And the most precious one of all is the puppy that carries an empty bowl as big as he is all the way across the room, and drops it down right in front of his owner.  What a clear communicator this puppy is.

Golden Retrievers having fun

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Women’s knitted poncho

Then there’s a bunch of teenage Retrievers who can’t wait for the door to the pool to open.  It’s a rather small pool, just large enough for 2 or 3 in at a time.  One got in right away, the envy of the other dogs.  Another watch for a while, then decide he’s not going to wait anymore, and dives right in.  One Goldie has mastered the skill of opening the refrigerator door, and to grab a beer for his owner, then come back to close the refrigerator door.  This must be a service dog in training.  Another puppy is having Facetime with Dad.  Watch the head tilts as the puppy tries to figure out why he can hear his Dad but can’t find him.  A couple of Retrievers are delighted with a puddle of mud and decide to get a mud bath.  Their owners are laughing in the background.  They can’t delay bath day anymore.  This is the day for it.  And the very last puppy can’t wait for the day when he can actually use the swimming pool.  For now, he is just learning front paddle.  He is splashing his front paws.  Golden Retrievers can be so entertaining.  They are simply doing what they do for fun.  Little do they know those watching them are getting even more delight out of it.


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