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video This Samoyed loves head massage

The best reason for being interrupted during Yoga is when our dog wants to get close to us.  The Samoyed in this video interrupts his mom’s yoga practice to get a head massage.  His name is Zouchini.  At this filming, he is only 3 1/2 months old.  Dogs don’t know the meaning of interruption. That is a good thing.  They don’t live by our social practice.  If they want our attention, they let us know.  They aren’t waiting for the best moment. According to an article in Hills Pet, Samoyeds do not like to be left alone for a long period of time.  They really like human companionship.

What are Samoyeds like?

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Originally, Samoyeds came from the far north, where they are accustomed to very cold weather. They have a thick undercoat that keeps them warm in such climates.  That is one reason why they might dig a hole in your yard.  They are actually looking for a cool place to park their body!  It’s not their intention to ruin your beautiful backyard.

Samoyeds usually get along with other dogs and pets that they grow up with, and are good with children.  If you have a small toddler in the house, Samoyeds can be a bit boisterous for them. Even though they seem to have a body that requires a lot of food, they actually thrive on a fairly small amount of food.  But it needs to be top quality food.  Don’t give them too many treats, unless they get lots of exercise to, otherwise they can become obese.  And make sure they get their daily exercise because they are active dogs.   Samoyed like having a job to do.   Afterall, they were bred to be working dogs.   Even if it’s letting them pull a cart, they would like that.  That beautiful coat of hair should be brushed everyday.  You can read more about Samoyed here.  Enjoy watching Samoyed Zouchini interrupt his mom to get a head massage.

Article source:  Hills Pet


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