A Dog Can Help Us Alleviate Depression


I just read an insightful article in Dogs For Depression about the ways dogs can help us when we are going through say, a loss, or depression from some other cause.

It’s very natural to stroke our pet.  That physical contact is soothing and comforting.  Having a dog also requires that we get out of the house.  They need their exercise, even if we don’t feel like getting up.  That physical activity helps us feel better.  And it helps us meet people when we walk our dog, even if it is a simple hello.


Here’s a short excerpt from that article:

  • The sense of Touch is hugely beneficial psychologically – the act of stroking your pet can be soothing, and so improve your mood if you are down or depressed. It can also lower your blood pressure and stress levels
  • Pets are uncomplicated – they don’t have their own agendas and they love you unconditionally
  • Dogs are a talking point and “social lubricant”- small as it may seem a simple exchange of pleasantries between dog owners in the park can be hugely helpful if you are feeling isolated, depressed or anxious. They also tend to be a good supply of silly stories to help break the ice
  • Dogs get you out of the house – fresh air, physical exercise and a change of scene are proven to help boost people’s mood and ease depression symptoms
  • Caring for a dog helps form a daily routine and structure that can help keep you going, one foot after the other. No matter how depressed you are, your dog still needs feeding and walking!

To read the entire article, please click here.


Article source:  Dogs For Depression

Image source:  podoboq on Flickr.com


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