BEFORE You Adopt A Dog…Think About These


I just finished reading a very enlightening article that is invaluable for anyone thinking about adopting a pet.  Jaymi Heimbuch on Mother Nature Network shared some very practical things he went through when he adopted his dogs.

He never regrets having adopted his dogs.  But he wishes that someone would have told him to think about several things before he did.  Such as the unexpected amount of money you spend on annual vaccinations, licensing, vets or medical insurance, obedience class, boarding your dog when you travel, or hiring a dog walker if you are gone all day.

Then there is your energy.  Imagine coming home from a long day.  Do you think you’ll get to sit down and relax right away?  Nooooooo.  Someone wants to go for a walk RIGHT NOW.


Here’s an excerpt from Jaymi’s informative AND entertaining article:

One thing about owning a dog is universally true: if you do it right, and go into it with your eyes wide open, bringing a dog into your life is going to be one of the best things you ever do.

Then there is the money you don’t spend on your dog but you spend because of your dog. Replacing furniture or carpets, for instance. I’ve had to get a toilet repaired (ball got stuck in it) and a window replaced (ball went through it) and a new fence installed (ball went under it so dog went through it).

Having a dog is a bit like having a kid in that unplanned weekend-getaways or random all-nighters aren’t really in the cards…..Spontaneity is tough when you have an animal 100 percent dependent on you.

For one thing, dogs need to potty. You can’t leave straight from work to happy hour, then dinner, then night caps or dancing until 2 a.m.

You can read the entire article here.


Article source:  Jaymi Heimbuch on Mother Nature Network

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