Cafe Opens Door To Keep Stray Dogs Warm At Night


This is a very touching article written by Javier Moreno of Buzzfeed.

There is this cafe on the Island of Lesvos, Greece, that keeps its door open after business hours so that stray dogs can come in and sleep in warmth.

There are quite a few people writing about this story.  Putting the pieces together, my understanding is that the customers are completely supportive of this expression of compassion.

The picture below was taken by Professor Efstratios Papanis, and uploaded on December 2, 2015.  This photo has gone viral around the world.  

cafe dogs

Here’s a brief excerpt from Javier’s article:

On Dec. 2 he uploaded the photo of the stray dogs to Facebook, taken at a coffee shop called Hott Spott café in the city of Mytilene. Every night, the café opens its doors at closing to let the dogs sleep inside and escape the cold.

You can read the entire article here.


Article source:  Buzzfeed

Image source:  Efstratios Papanis via Buzzfeed


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