Does my dog prefer kennel or pet-sitter?


As we approach the holidays, some dog owners will be travelling. Our pets will miss us for sure.  But what would make their time less stressful while we are away?  To play with other dogs at a kennel or have a pet-sitter come to our home?

Amanda Mole, a contributor to, gave some helpful tips on this subject.  If you are considering a kennel,  you might ask your vet for recommendations, tour the facility, check the staff-to-dog clients’ ratio, and their exercise/play program.

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, or does not adapt well to kennel life, pet-sitting might be something to look into.  Being in a familiar surrounding at least helps with the stress of missing you.


There should be no greater than a 1:10 staff-to-dog ratio. The higher the people-to-animal ratio, the more individual attention your pet will get. Animals should look content and stress-free, and also have proper bedding and water. High-tech facilities may have web cams set up so you can check in on your furry friend from your computer while you’re away.

Ideally, a kennel assistant should welcome each animal — and its human — as if they are entering a five-star hotel. He or she should take meticulous notes about your pet’s diet and exercise needs, medications and any other pertinent information (such as your pet’s favorite toy). They should be patient, friendly and genuinely concerned for your pet’s welfare.

The most important thing to note when visiting different kennels is how the environment makes you feel. Trust your gut. If you feel comfortable there and get along well with the staff members, it’s likely that your best bud will feel at ease there as well. No kennel will feel exactly like home to your pet, but if it can come close, you’ll be able to go on your trip knowing your pet is safe and sound.

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