Fluffy Doggies That Look Like Cousin Bear


I saw this article on Buzzfeed that just made my day.  Kaelin Tully compiled a bunch of photos–really fluffy dogs–that look a bit like bear cubs.  What a combination of fluffy!

There are just SO many favorites of mine in this article.  I am tempted to list them all.

But for sure look at:

  • #2–the wrinkly one
  • #6–if he were next to a toy, I may not be able to pick him out
  • #7–get ready to melt
  • #13–I want to come home to this
  • #17–baggy pants
  • #18–be prepared for another major melt

I just HAVE to show you the one below.  CLICK here to see the rest of the adorable photos.



Article source:  Buzzfeed

Image source:  Imgur


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