For Samoyeds Lovers


If you are a Samoyeds lover, this article is definitely for you!

I found this on Buzzfeed, compiled by Sami Main.  ALL photos of Samoyeds.  It’s not often that I come across an article like this.

Among my favorite images are:

  • #2 —  who could resist that “looking over their head” pose?
  • #5 —  happy dog
  • #11– sweet paw
  • #13- Come on!  Hurry up!
  • #14 – Is this how you wink?
  • #15 – This is always an interesting angle
  • #21 – playing games with us

CLICK here to see the other photos.


Article source:  Sami Main of Buzzfeed

Image source:  Instagram via Buzzfeed


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