Make Your Own Pet Odor Spray


It may be a good idea to make your own spray to eliminate (at least reduce) pet odor in your home.  The reason is that some store-bought products may contain chemicals that can harm our pets.

An article written by Janine Logue on The Nest includes some easy recipes to make your own natural spray.  Really easy to get ingredients:  vinegar and baking soda.  And…she explains how to use these ingredients to eliminate odor from carpet, litter box, and wet dogs.


Here’s a brief excerpt from Janine’s article:


Undiluted white vinegar can work to neutralize odors caused by pets, like a littlebox or wet dog, according to EcoLife. Just fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and spritz it in the air throughout your home. You may have to spray the solution more than once to completely eliminate all odors.

You can read the entire article here.


Article source:  Janine Logue on The Nest

Image source:  Wsilver on


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