Mama Dog In Kennel Sneaked Out To Comfort 2 Puppies


I just read the most heart-warming story on Buzzfeed Canada of a dog staying at a kennel who somehow wiggled out of her enclosure to comfort 2 puppies who were missing their mom.

This was caught on camera.  And there’s a photo in the article of Maggie sleeping just outside the puppies’ enclosure so they feel better.  When the staff saw this touching scene, they let Maggie sleep with the puppies.  And after Maggie’s owners picked her up, the staff took the puppies home to keep them company, following Maggie’s footstep.

Below this photo of Maggie and the pups is an excerpt on this article by Ishmael Daro.


Here’s an excerpt from the article..

Maggie, an Australian shepherd cross who was at the kennel for a little over a week, had recently had her own litter of puppies weaned and taken away from her.

“She just had that maternal instinct and she wanted to go out and be with them,” Aldred said.

Maggie “kind of MacGyvered her way out” of a small opening in her enclosure where her water bowl sat. “It wasn’t easy for her. She had to do a lot of wiggling,”

Staff have been taking the puppies home at night to keep them company, just as Maggie did.

CLICK here to read the entire story AND see more photos.

Article source:  Ishmael N. Daro of Buzzfeed Canada

Image source:  Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming via Buzzfeed


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