Oh So Lovable Puppy Faces


I saw these lovable puppy faces on Buzzfeed.  They are compiled by Kaelin Tully, who is talented in writing captions to match expressions.

My favorite images are:

  • #33 — French bulldog puppy sitting in his travel bag
  • #31 — Love those paws on a Bernese Mountain puppy
  • #28 — From a photographer’s perspective, the PERFECT angle!
  • #25 — That’s a good pout!
  • #15 — How does he manage to walk???
  • #5 — Saying hello to a dear old friend

Here’s just one of the many images …  CLICK here to see the other cute photos.

pup2 buzz

Article source:  Buzzfeed

Image source:  SpamNuggets on Imgur


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