Photos Of Friendships Between Puppies And Grown Dogs


This article is filled with photos of friendships between puppies and their grown-up dog friends.  Some are already dear friends, some are getting to know one another.  Jasmin Nahar of Buzzfeed compiled these beautiful images.

But you know dogs.  Time means nothing to them.  Just one meeting is ALL it takes to make a life-long dearest friend.

Among my favorite images are:

  • # 2    Like father, like son
  • # 3    The dog walker
  • # 4    Love the caption
  • # 5    The comforter
  • # 9    The dishwashers
  • #10   Pretty brown eyes
  • #17   The pillow

CLICK here to see the other doggie friends.

My cousins just got a new puppy. Their first dog wasn't so happy at first, but now they're friends. - Imgur

Article source:  Jasmin Nahar of Buzzfeed

Image source:  Imgur via Buzzfeed


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