Precious Puppy Faces


Looking at these lovely puppy faces is a very nice way to start a week.

Kaelin Tully of Buzzfeed compiled many many precious faces in this article.  And she is always great with her captions.

There is not a single photo I don’t like.  Here are my favorites:

  • # 2.   I want to hold your hand
  • # 3.   I am pleased with myself
  • # 4.   Puppies who share THEIR bed
  • # 6.   I’m in charge
  • # 14. The future gardener
  • # 17.  Her name is HAPPY
  • # 21.  The non-verbal communicator
  • # 25.  Wrinkles are beautiful
  • # 39.  Are those just REALLY long eyelashes?

Happy Puppy - Imgur

CLICK here to see the other precious…

Article source:  Kaelin Tully of Buzzfeed

Image source:  Roooney on Imgur via Buzzfeed


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