These Doggies Just Need A Nap


These photos of dogs having an OFF day or simply need a coffee break are compiled by Chelsea Marshall on Buzzfeed.

I appreciate Chelsea’s wit with words.  Her title for the article is:  17 Dogs Who Just Need A Day Off.  And the images are pretty much right on.

The funniest ones are:

  • #3 — I can’t tell you anything.  That’ll spoil it.
  • #4 — No way you can resist this face
  • #8 — A very patient St. Bernard
  • #9 — The clumsy Corgi
  • #10 — I can’t be bothered
  • #12 — A better Way To Go Downstairs
  • #17 — Another use for the office chair

CLICK here to see the other funny photos.

As tired as a shopping dog - Imgur

Article source:  Buzzfeed

Image source:  Imgur


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