[VIDEO] 1-Week-Old Saint Bernard Puppy Trying To Nap


The Saint Bernard in this video is just 1-week-old, and he’s trying to nap.  His human for some reason is trying to keep him from doing so.   I wonder if she’s trying to encourage him to move so he can get used to using his arms and feet, or if she simply wants to watch the puppy wiggle.  I did some research on the characteristics of Saint Bernard.  According to Dogtime, St. Bernard’s do not like heat.  So in hot weather, keep them indoor so they stay cool, and make sure they don’t get too hot when exercising.  St. Bernard’s are friendly.  They are affectionate with their family, friendly with kids, with dogs,  with strangers.   They rate high in the drooling department.  So keep that in mind if you like to dress neatly.  I was surprised to read that they might be okay as apartment dogs.  The reason is that small-sized dogs can be high energy, and too yappy for apartment living.  Dogs that are fairly quiet, low-energy, calm, friendly with neighbors, are good traits for apartment living.  So if you live in an apartment, you don’t necessarily have to rule out getting a St. Bernard.

Enjoy watching these 1-week-old St. Bernard puppy wiggle his little arms and feet.



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