[VIDEO] 2 Weeks Old Husky Puppies With Their Mom


This is a beautiful video of several Husky puppies who are 2 weeks old with their mom.   The puppy closest to the camera is napping, twitching and licking his lips.  His human friend rolls him over.  I hear that because puppies sleep so much at the beginning, it can be helpful to stimulate them to move so they get better circulation.

This puppy got up, moves a few steps, and flops down on his sibling as a pillow.  His sibling yelps from being startled, then gets right back to sleeping.  Mom is nearby, cleaning the other kids, and nursing them.  I heard her let out a sigh.  Humans don’t have 5 babies at one time.  This Husky Mom has GOT to be exhausted!

Enjoy this sweet video of 2-weeks-old Husky puppies.  They are just lovely to watch!


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