[VIDEO] 3-Weeks-Old Siberian Husky Puppies Learning To Play


The 3-weeks-old Siberian Husky Puppies in this video are learning to play with each other.   Their Husky mom is watching them.  It’s interesting how these puppies play by putting their mouth on a sibling’s nose.  They are not fighting.  It looks like most of the puppies do that.

Mouth is a main tool of interaction for them.  I read that like human babies, puppies like to put stuff in their mouth because that’s how they explore the world.  And the nose and mouth certain offers something to taste and smell!  I read that this kind of biting (another puppy’s snout) is probably more for affectionate play than anything else.

Enjoy watching these 3-weeks-old puppies explore their world and each other.

Image source:  via Wimp


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