[VIDEO] 8-Weeks-Old Maltese Puppy Gets Gentle Bath


The 8-weeks-old Maltese puppy in this video is getting a gentle bath from mom.  The woman says “pretty tiny for an 8-weeks-old.”  She must have plenty of practice giving baths to tiny puppies, judging from her swiftness and deftness.  For many puppies, baths can be stressful.  This woman first talks to the puppy in a soft voice, reassuring the pup that the water is nice and warm.

Then she lowers the puppy into the warm water, and washes the legs and back first.  Face is the area where most dogs dislike getting washed, so mom saved it for last.  The part least favorite for the puppy, the woman moves with swiftness so the puppy is not stressed.   I suspect this puppy will not hate bath.

Enjoy watching this gentle bath time for a tiny 8-weeks-old Maltese puppy.

Image source:  Pet Collectie via Precious Pooches


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