[VIDEO] A Dad’s Love For His Bulldog


The Bulldog’s dad in this video loves his dog so much that he makes sure his first stay at a kennel is comfortable.  The Bulldog’s name is Igor.  He lives in Norway.  Since he joined the family, he has not been apart from them.  Now that the family is going on vacation to another country, Igor has to stay with a kennel.  His dad could not bear the thought of Igor feeling lonely, so he made Igor’s room at the kennel the exact replicate of the family room, so Igor would feel right at home.  Couch, photos, wall colors, coffee table.  Everything.  As you’ll see in the video, Igor has made new friends at the kennel.  A St. Bernard visits Igor’s living room everyday.  I love this sweet story.

Enjoy watching this beautiful story of a man’s love for his dog.


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