[VIDEO] A Dog Who Likes To Get In The Photo


The dog in this video likes to get in the photo.  Her name is Nelly.  And she knows the perfect technique to get into this selfie.  I find this video humorous because this dog does what many humans do who are being goofy and playful.  You know how you are posed for a photo, and in the last second, your friend sneak in beside you or behind you, and you just burst into laughter?  That’s exactly what Nelly did.  I am very curious what goes on in her mind.   Is this Nelly’s sense of humor?  The timing and all?  And the pose Nelly struck is what a human would do who tries to be goofy in the same situation.  She seems to anticipate the timing perfectly.

Enjoy this very quick video.  I appreciate Nelly’s humor.



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