[VIDEO] A Dog Who Prays Before Going To Bed


The dog in this video prays before bedtime.  Or at least learned the routine really well of “hands on bed rail”, “head down”, “get on bed”, “pull blanket over you”.

Either way, isn’t it fun to watch the story?

Remember Misa Minnie, the Yorkie who knows a gazillion tricks, including “bow”, “go to bed”, “wrap blanket around you”?

I never thought of training dogs to do tricks before.  But after watching Misa Minnie, and then this, I put the pieces together, and start to think maybe teaching tricks to dogs is easier than I had imagined.

I remember in the case of Misa Minnie, it’s all based on positive reinforcement through praise and treats.  And Jesse the Jack Russell also learned tons of tricks through positive reinforcement.

Hmmmmm….. Enjoy this video!

Image source:  lancerwondersgames on Imgur


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