[VIDEO] Babies And Puppies Who Really Like Each Other


The babies, toddlers, and puppies in this video are delighted to be in each other’s lives.

So many lovely scenes in this video…There’s the doggie who keeps wanting to give a toy to the baby, but the baby keeps waving her hands, so the dog cannot place the toy in her hand.

Then there’s the doggie who loves her toddler so much, she doesn’t even mind that her tail was being pulled by the little girl.  In fact, she scoots back so that the little girl can reach her better.  What a cooperative doggie!

And toward the end of the video, I like the scene of the little boy who leans in to kiss the puppy, and the puppy licks his head.  Then, a magical moment–the puppy puts his paw on the boy’s hand, and the boy puts his hand on the puppy’s other paw.  What a nice bonding moment.

Enjoy the many scenes of delightful laughter and sweet friendship.

Image source:  EauDeCoquette on Imgur


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