[VIDEO] Beagle Insistent On Going For A Walk NOW


The Beagle in this video is very insistent on going for a walk NOW!  This is Charlie.  Yes, the same Charlie who apologizes to his human baby in a recent video.  Charlie is an extremely effective communicator.  And the word “no” simply does not exist in his vocabulary.  First he brings the shoes to the human, who is very focused on his computer work.  Charlie actually drops the shoe right on his lap, in front of his computer.  And when that didn’t work, Charlie jumps up on the sofa where the human is, and drops the shoe on his keyboard.   Still, the human wants Charlie to wait.  Well!  Charlie escalates his strategy.  This time he brings the leash.  Charlie hops up on the sofa, closes the laptop with his paw, and drops the leash in front of his human.  Charlie wins!

Enjoy watching very determined Charlie get his way.  And turn up the volume.  The music has a nice up-beat.


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