[VIDEO] Bichon Frise Loves Dancing To His Favorite Song

video of Bichon Frise dancing to favorite song

The Bichon Frise in this video loves dancing to his favorite song–a Chinese disco song, “You Are My Flower”, by Wu Bai and China Blue.   His sibling is not interested in dancing, but stays close by just the same.  I am surprised the dancing dog did not accidentally step on his sibling who is literally one step away.

I notice that the sibling drinks out of the water bottle through a sprout–like drinking from a straw.  What a great idea!  Instead of having water bowls on the floor which may get tipped over accidentally by dogs running around, this is a much neater solution.  And the water does not stay out all day like in a water bowl.  Back to the dancing dog….  Doesn’t he have the perfect rhythm?

Enjoy watching this Bichon Frise dance to his favorite song.


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