[VIDEO] Big Dog Wants To Play With Tiny Kitten


The big dog in this video would LOVE to play with the tiny kitten.  He can’t take his eyes off her.

Watch how he playfully uses his nose to push the little kitty, so she would play with him.  At first, the kitten didn’t know what to make of it, and reaches out to object.  The doggie leaves her alone for a short moment, then starts pushing her with his nose again.

This time the kitten GETS that the dog means no disrespect, and merely wants to be friend.  So she relaxes and shows her belly, then even cozy up to him.

The doggie is protective of the kitten.  She was starting to get a little too close to the fireplace, and he uses his nose to get her away from potential danger.

What a sweet doggie.  This is the start of a lovely friendship.  Enjoy the video.


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