[VIDEO] Boo The Pomeranian An Ordinary Day


This is a video of Boo the Pomeranian. It’s just an ordinary day. If you are unfamiliar with Boo, he is a Pomeranian sensation on the internet. Boo has his own Facebook page, with over 17 million fans! His claim to fame? CUTE. His hairstyle.

Boo likes to dress up. I finally figure out that it is because he has very little body hair to keep him warm. That’s probably why he appreciates having clothes put on him. Boo is his own person. He comes across as quite sure of himself, and he feels he doesn’t need to mind anyone. He’ll respond when he feels like responding. That’s the impression I got.

Enjoy watching internet sensation Boo on a day ordinary to him.

Image source:  Dog Milk


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