[VIDEO] Border Collie Puppy Growing Up

video Border Collie puppy growing

This is a video for anyone who appreciate Border Collies!  If you remember the television show “Lassie”, you probably have fond memory of this breed.  And the portrayal of a Collie by Lassie is quite accurate, according toPet Wave.  They ARE as intelligent and loyal as Lassie.  And they love to be with people, and very patient and loving with children.

Collies are great family dogs.  Actually, they prefer YOUR company to that of a companion dog.  Because they are highly intelligent, it is important to offer lots of mental stimulation, and not just physical activities.  Just remember all those videos you’ve watched of Collie’s ability to do advanced tricks.  This tells you something about the intelligence of this breed.  Some people joke that they are more intelligent than people.

What are Collies like?

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Some Collies  have been guard dogs, service dogs, search and rescue dogs.  Anyone who can do this kind of work has GOT to have a high level of intelligence.  Why should we be surprised that they are smarter than we are?

Collie is not an apartment dog, even though they only need moderate exercise.  They need daily walks as well as running at least weekly.  Collies form close attachments to their humans, so they don’t like to be left alone for a long time.  If they get lonely or bored, they can bark a lot and chew on things you don’t want chewed on.  Collies can be shy.  A way to take care of this is to socialize them early on.  When they are puppies, expose them to a variety of situations and people so they feel more comfortable and confident when encountering new people.

Because of their appreciation for mental stimulation, enroll them in more advanced training or agility after they’ve mastered basic obedience.  Collies are sensitive.  Treat them gently.  Always use positive reinforcement to encourage them.

If you like this video, here is another Collie puppy video for you!

Article source: Pet Wave


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