[VIDEO] Bulldog Puppy Meets Dad


The bulldog puppy in this video is meeting her dad for the first time.  Turn up your volume for this.  It’s one of the most endearing videos I’ve watched.

The dad needs a minute or two to warm up to this little girl crawling toward him.  I notice the puppy starts the contact by sniffing her father’s paw first.  Not direct eye contact.

When she makes her way under her dad’s chin, that’s just a priceless moment.  So this little puppy KNOWS the way to bond with her dad.

After dad feels warmed up to this little one, he sniffs her out.  Then he takes the initiative to play with her.  The whole video is one precious moment after another.   Especially when they start talking to each other.

Have fun watching dad and daughter bond with each other.


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