[VIDEO] Bulldogs Who Love And Adore Children


Enjoy this video filled with Bulldogs who love and adore children.  Doggie #1 really wants to get better acquainted with the baby, and actually climbs on the back of his friend.   Another Bulldog is so eager to be with the baby that he stands on his hind legs and puts his paws on the side of the baby crib.  The baby reaches out her hand to let the dog kiss it.

About half way through the video, a sweet dog is watching over a baby who’s lying on the floor.  She feels she’s in a mom’s role.  Still another Bulldog is so tolerant that she lets a little girl sit on her back, riding her like a horse.  Another lets a baby chew on his ear.  Ouch!  But he does nothing.  These Bulldogs are so gentle with children.

Enjoy watching these precious moments of Bulldogs who love and adore children.


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