[VIDEO] Chumpie The Mini Schnauzer Befriending Stairs


Remember Chumpie the mini Schnauzer?  He is just 7 weeks old when his parents teach him to use the stairs.   His parents are also going through their learning curve on this topic.  I hear Chumpie’s dad saying, “It’s easier to go up the stairs!”  I can tell Chumpie is a strong spirit.  Treats don’t tempt him that much.  Not a successful incentive.  Not for Chumpie.  He’ll try when he’s ready.  His mom ran up the stairs.  I think that’s what inspires Chumpie to run up the stairs as well.  The instinct to chase wins over learning to climb.  Enjoy watching this 7-weeks-old mini Schnauzer puppy grow from feeling intimidated by stairs to a fair degree of comfort and ease with it.

Turn up your volume so you an hear the interactions.


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