[VIDEO] Compilation Of Cute Puppy Moments


This video is a wonderful compilation of many cute puppy moments.   This is a wonderful way to start the day.  The first clip is of a French Bulldog puppy arguing with Mom about bedtime.  Mom insists that it’s bedtime, and the puppy has an equally strong opinion that it is not.  Mom’s firm voice wins.  It actually didn’t take long for the little pup to yield.  The puppy in the second clip still has some depth perception to develop.  He will catch on.  The 6 puppies in the 3rd clip is doing something quite interesting.  While they are drinking their milk, they move clockwise.  Such synchronicity.  And they are starting to recognize their names as Mom calls each one.  The puppy in the 4th clip has tremendous discipline.  He’s in training.  Dad puts 2 treats right on his paw, and has him wait until he says he can eat it.  This puppy has the potential to be a service dog.  He seems to have the temperament and discipline for it.

The next clip is probably more fun for the man.  He hurries to another room, and the puppies chase after him.  The puppies probably just instinctively run after someone that runs.  Well, all except one.  The smart one.  Then there’s the pup who loves playing with the doorstop.  This seems to fascinate many puppies.  It is easily accessible to them.  It’s easy to operate, and it bounces back, making a funny noise.  It makes sense from a puppy’s point of view that a doorstop can be a toy.  And the woman who’s buried under puppies.  What’s more fun than to be the object of such affection?  The next puppy entertains himself by chasing after his own leash around a chair.  It’s a good thing there’s nothing that can potentially catch the leash, so the pup is safe.  Then there are the Corgi puppies…their owner is encouraging them to howl.  Only one is interested in playing that game.  The other two didn’t see the point of learning to howl from a human.  Enjoy watching these cute moments of puppies.



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