[VIDEO] Dog Taking Shower By Himself


The dog in this video is taking a shower by himself.  It looks like a “Let me wake up with a nice morning shower.  And please don’t talk to me until after I’ve had my shower!”  Kind of like our first cup of coffee.

It’s amusing to see a dog this fond of taking a shower.   It may not even be a morning shower, but it makes my imaginary story more fun.  I can picture it.  He’s trained his human to turn on the faucet for him after he gets out of his doggie bed.  Have his human lift him inside the tub, and just let him slowly wake up under the refreshing water.  And when he’s awaken, he’d probably bark and let his human know to come in and dry him off.  Now isn’t that a fun story?  It’s so fun to imagine!

It’s a really short video, but a fun one to watch.


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