[VIDEO] Doggie Figures Out How To Retrieve Ball Without Swimming


The doggie in this video is VERY smart!  He figures out how to retrieve a ball in the pool without having to swim.  By the way, his name is Jesse.

Jesse does not like to swim.  So when his tennis ball ends up in the swimming pool, what does he do?

The way he finds his solution reminds me of movies like The Swiss Family Robinson or Robinson Crusoe or Cast Away.  He finds links to his destination.  He realizes that it’s really unnecessary to do something he dislikes.  There’s always a way around something unpleasant.  Congratulations Doggie!  You are brilliant!

It is delightful to watch dogs figure out solutions.  Alternative solutions.  I love the way their mind works!

Enjoy this video.

Image source:  Yoko on Flickr


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