[VIDEO] Doggie Mom Carries Her Puppy In A Bag


The doggie mom in this video is really SMART to carry her puppy in a bag.  She is walking down a rather busy street.  Far too busy a street to let her puppy walk by himself.  So, the most practical solution is to carry the pup in a bag!  The mom holds the bag in her mouth like she is carrying a grocery bag.

Notice the confidence this mommy has when she walks down the sidewalk.  She owns it.   Proud.  Confident.  Elegant.  Does she act like she is OWNED by a human?  Not at all!  She may have a human family, but she certainly does not act like she is to be OWNED.  A lady with her own life.  Her own agenda.

Enjoy this very short video.  I keep replaying it because it’s really far too short for such precious footage.


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