[VIDEO] Dogs Responding To Who Is Your Best Friend


The dogs in this video are responding to the same question–Who is your best friend?  And they all put their paws on the person or toy nearest them.  All except for Benji.  He has several toys in front of him.  Although he points to his favorite toy everytime he responds to the question, in the last answer he points to the pizza.  It’s nice to have an honest answer.

I’ve seen a video on Lotti and how she loves her best buddy.  That one is very genuine.  Lotti DOES love her best bud.  She’s felt that way since her mom bought the new pup home.  The very last puppy in the video is sweet.  In response to the question, he reaches out and touches his mom’s hand.   Awwwww….

Enjoy watching these dogs answer the question “Who is your best friend?”


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