[VIDEO] Dogs Teach Us So Many Things


This video shows that dogs teach us so many things.  Dogs are such pure positive energy.  They teach without saying a single word.  And without meaning to teach.  This video only shows a very few of the many wonderful qualities of our dog friends.  I am sure you’ll find more to appreciate in your own dog or a friend’s dog.  You’ll see a girl reading to her dog.  Dogs have been helpful with children who feel timid about reading.  Children have a non-critical listener.  This helps them build confidence.  In another scene are 2 dogs exercising on the treadmill together.  Then there’s the snoring pug, a dog that jumps out of the car in the middle of the road because he is so happy to see his owner and more.

Turn up your volume so you can hear the little girl learning to read out loud to her dog, AND to the sweet snoring of the pug.  Enjoy!


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