[VIDEO] Fun Dog Dancing In Water Fountain


The dog in this video knows about FUN and having the best time dancing in the water fountain.  Her name is Sasha.   Remember the last time you dashed through a fountain like this?

You know that word joie de vi·vre?  The English translation is exuberant enjoyment of life.  The synonyms in the dictionary are joyfulness, lightheartedness, happiness, high spirits, liveliness, zest…Isn’t this a wonderful example of enjoying life right this moment?  Sasha knows about living life in the moment.  I’ve also seen children doing this in a local water fountain that plays to beautiful music.  The children waits for the water, then run through it, with great abandon and laughter.  They seem to be able to do this all afternoon.

Enjoy watching this dog’s exuberance, thanks to Storyful’s video.


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