[VIDEO] Funny New Year Resolutions Of Dogs

Dogs new year resolution video

What a great sense of humor this videographer has!   Funny New Year resolutions of dogs!  And it HAS to be someone with clear insights into dogs’ behavior.  This video shows funny photos of dogs with signs around them that express what they might be saying to us.  And they are all making New Year resolutions.  Even though it’s from a different year, the humor is timeless.

Here they are:   From a dog lying on a couch–“I will stay off the furniture (when my human is home)”   How many of us can identify with this?!  From a dog with an annoyed expression–“I will share and like it.”  Of course sharing is not the preferred way when it comes to goodies and treats.

Funny New Year Resolutions of Dogs

Peora created sapphire pendant
Peora created sapphire pendant

From a poodle who just came from the beauty salon–“I will spend less $$$$ on my hair!”  This one is for any dog parent with a high grooming bill for their pooch.  From a dog with a ball right in front of him–“I promise to ask only 9,999 more times to throw my toy”. Isn’t it interesting that they never get tired of chasing after a ball?   Well, humans also chase after a ball in many sports.   So we do have that in common. 🙂  From a dog sitting next to a vacuum–“I will not bite the vacuum cleaner (unless it’s after me).  From a dog surrounded by socks–“I will stop chewing on socks”.

From a dog with a pleading look–“I will not bark while Mom’s on the phone”. From a barking dog–“I will not bark at Mommy’s friends.”  From a dog that’s jumping–“I will refrain from jumping on guests”. From a poodle licking her lips–“I will give the cat a head-start.”  I appreciate the humor of this video’s creator.  Enjoy the amusing New Year resolutions of the dogs in this video.

If you enjoy this video, here is another one of a Husky who knows what he wants.

Image source:  Michael Condouris on Flickr


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