[VIDEO] Golden Retriever Casey Is A Math Genius


In this video, we see Golden Retriever Casey showing us that he is a math genius!   I have seen other dogs doing addition, even subtraction.  Casey can do multiplication AND square roots!  And not only that, his mom asks him some pretty sophisticated questions later in the video.

Casey answers correctly to the questions:  What is 4 X 2?  What is the square root of 16?  The square root of 9?  How many fingers am I holding up?  How many tires on my car?   How many spare tires?  A family cat keeps walking in front of Casey, and his mom asks:  How many cats are there in front of you?  Mom praises Casey, gives him treats, and kisses him to encourage and reinforce Casey’s learning.

Enjoy watching impressive Casey doing square roots and more…


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