[VIDEO] How To Puppy Proof Your Home


This short video is very practical in puppy proofing your home.  The first half is for owners preparing for the arrival of a new puppy–getting food and water bowls, leash, a crate, chew toys for teething.  The second half is a good reminder for those who already have a puppy living in their home.  The vet points out that puppies can get around, get under objects that even human babies cannot get to.  So those electrical cords could be dangerously interesting to a curious puppy.

It’s also a good idea to put child-proof latches on cabinets.  This will keep our puppy safe from household cleaners, trash, anti-freeze, and laundry detergent.   Even potpourri needs to be out of a puppy’s reach.  It can be toxic to him.

Hope you find this video helpful.




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