[VIDEO] Huskies Mishka And Laika Arguing With Each Other


The 2 Huskies in this video are Mishka and Laika–having an argument over something.

How would you like to be in a house where the dogs do NOT bark but TALK?

Mishka is known to be the talking dog, sometimes the singing dog.  She has her own Facebook page.  I’ve posted other videos on Mishka.  You can type in Mishka in the search box and enjoy them.

In this video, Laika is insistent on something.  Judging from Mishka’s protection of a chewie, maybe that’s what their conversation is about.  Their human put some fun subtitle in the video.  Maybe that’s the dialogue between the 2 Huskies.

It’s fun watching these 2 communicate with each other.  Enjoy the video!


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