[VIDEO] Japanese Spitz Puppy Having Fun

video Japanese Spitz puppy playing

Enjoy watching this video of Juno the Japanese Spitz when he was only 6-weeks-old.   He certainly brings happy havoc to the family, adding delight to the family members who can’t get enough of this fluffy puppy.  Even the family dog is fond of him, wanting to be nearby just to get a whiff of that joyful energy.  This is rare footage of a Japanese Spitz.

This breed was developed in the 1920’s and 30’s in Japan through cross-breeding, according to Pet Guide.  They have a thick white coat and a fluffy tail, and grow to between 11 to 20 pounds.  This breed is suitable for family with children or those looking for a low-maintenance dog.  They are very devoted to their owners, very active and energetic.  Juno is an example of this energy.

What are Japanese Spitz like?

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This loyal friend plays well with children, especially because they like to run and play outside. Perfect for coaxing a shy child to mix and mingle with other children.  Japanese Spitz crave human attention and want to be included in family activities.  This is not a breed to be content sitting by themselves.

Japanese Spitz would do well with early puppy training.  They are independent and can be a bit dominant at times.  But early training will help a great deal with this.  They do bark when a stranger comes near, so that makes them a good watchdog.  But if they are introduced to the stranger properly, they’ll warm right up.  Japanese Spitz are filled with energetic and active, so be sure to take them for a long walk everyday.  As long as he gets the exercises he needs, he’ll be happy living in an apartment or in a house with very little outdoor space.  You can read more about Japanese Spitz here.

Article source:  Pet Guide


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