[VIDEO] Little Girl Watching Movie With Dogs


Remember Charlie the Beagle?  The little girl in this video is the baby Charlie took care of.   She grew up with Charlie and a puppy beagle.   Her human parents did a fantastic job introducing the dogs to the baby, and show their daughter how to relate to dogs lovingly.  This is the result!

The little girl is snuggling up with the puppy while she is watching a movie–one of the Beethoven’s movies.   Snuggling with a dog is as natural to her as snuggling with a human.  This family is really well integrated.

Watch how she places one hand on Charlie (the older dog) and the other dog on the puppy.  Isn’t it sweet that at this young age she knows to pay attention to both dogs?  And I think she naturally wants to because they are like her siblings.

Enjoy this sweet, tender video.


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