[VIDEO] Loving Owner Build A Snow Tunnel For His Corgis


The loving owner that we can hear in this video builds a snow tunnel for his Corgis.  Apparently, these Corgis are okay with the cold weather, and they are experiencing a white Christmas.  Instead of building a snowman, their owner builds a tunnel for the Corgis to play in.  And he builds it wide enough so that the Corgis can turn around inside the tunnel.  Even fits 2 Corgis side by side.

If you have ever built a snowman, you can appreciate how much work it takes to build this tunnel.  There is a video that shows the building of this tunnel if you are interested.  The ice has to be so well packed that it does not collapse, so the tunnel is safe for the Corgis to run through.

Watch how much the Corgis enjoy this new toy they have in winter wonderland.

Image source:  via Care2


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