[VIDEO] Marnie The Dog Lives Happily Ever After


Remember Marnie the dog?  In this video, you’ll see her living happily ever after with her Mom in NY.  I appreciate this video because it is a testimony to adopting senior dogs.  Marnie was a Shih Tzu found by Animal Shelter, later adopted by Shirley through PetFinder.   One of the first questions people ask about Marnie is her head tilt.

Her Mom asked several veterinarians.  They surmised that Marnie once had a brief illness called Vestibular Syndrome.   Most dogs recover from this condition in a few weeks and continue to live a normal life, with no pain.  Sometimes they do have a head-tilt.

Marnie does not look back.  She is enjoying a celebrity life in NYC.  Enjoy this brief video of this wonderful spirit.


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