[VIDEO] Mini Labradoodle Puppy Entertaining Himself

video mini labradoodle puppy entertaining himself

It takes so little to make a dog happy.  The mini Labradoodle puppy in this video is busy entertaining himself.  And he looks quite content chewing on a rope toy.   The camera doesn’t distract him from his concentration at all.  Labradoodle is a cross between Labrador Retriever and Poodle.

Do shelters have pure bred dogs?

When you mix two breeds, you can’t predict which characteristics the puppy will get.  He might get more Lab in him than Poodle in appearance.  Or he might get more Poodle temperament than Lab. Many who are looking for Labradoodles are likely to search for breeders or puppies for sales. Before you do, do consider another option.

It is surprising that 25% of dogs in shelters are Purebred.  They are not there because they are undesirable dogs.  Some dogs in shelters might have just gotten lost, and their identification is not traceable.  Some might have just lost their owners who just passed on.   For whatever reasons, the advantages of adopting an adult dog from a shelter are many, according to Adopt A Pet.

Dental Chews for Dogs
Dental Chews for Dogs

When you bring home a puppy, you spend a great deal of time training it, including housebreaking, teething, socializing them, puppy proof your home.  And if you have young children, while the puppies are teething, you’ll need to pay extra attention because those puppy teeth are pretty sharp.

With adult dogs, their personality is already developed, so you don’t have to wonder how they turn out.  Also, they are most likely already housebroken.  If any of them need training, there are foster families who spend time preparing the rescue dog for adoption.  Most involved with rescue work are volunteers.  They are very dedicated to giving every dog a chance for a loving home.  And people who adopt adult dogs do notice a bond that form very quickly.  These dogs appreciate having a family again.  You can read more about this topic here.  

Article source:  Adopt A Pet


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