[VIDEO] Misa Minnie Learning New Skills At 21 Weeks


Remember Misa Minnie, our Yorkie doggie friend who LOVES learning new tricks?  In this video, Misa was only 21 years old.  Look at the tricks she’s learning in this video, starting with pattycake.

Misa Minnie lives in California, and works as a therapy dog, also raising funds to help rescue animals.

I notice how her human friend teaches her to roll over first.  Then plays “bang” and helps Misa associate the 2 skills.  I also notice how her human says “paws up” and then says “pray” to help Misa associate the 2 commands.  She only uses praise and treats to teach Misa Minnie learn all these fantastic skills.

Praise goes far, doesn’t it?   Enjoy this video.



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